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This. Is. Us.

Did you know my husband and I are high school sweethearts? I was only 14 years old when we met, and he was 15, at a youth group weekend

retreat at my alma mater, St. Timothy School. I went because my childhood bestfriend asked me to go with her and he went because his buddies told him there were going to be girls going to this "weekend thing".

Little did anyone think that this shy girl would meet a boy with long curly hair that instantly caught her eye.

My parents have a funny story about when Eric and I met. I practically danced out of that weekend retreat when my dad asked me " why are you so happy?" and my mom replied with "Because she met a boy...."

Somehow moms always know....

3 years later...

And I was a Sophomore at St. Brendan High School. My religion teacher at the time assigned us a project that was called

"Wedding Project- What do I expect my marriage and family to be like?"

Can you guess who I married in this project? Yeap, thats right!!! My then-boyfriend and now-husband, Eric. Talk about Crazy-girlfriend-problems?

In this project, there was a narrative that we had to write, explaining what our life looked like together; wedding, careers, kids and life in general. I even had our dress and tux picked out, our wedding invitation, budget. I even wrote about how we were to have "2 or 3" kids. Our families are still waiting to see if the "or 3" part to that narrative is going to happen...

Fun Fact: The ones who helped me create the budget at that time was Maria and Luis from COLE Catering. My first job ever was working with their catering company.

In this wedding budget, I listed them as my caterers and they WERE the caterers for my wedding... Go check them out for some of THE best cantina in the Westchester area.

But also within this narrative, I wrote about our careers and what we would be doing in the future.

The exact words say, and I quote

"He is a Police Officer for City of ...... and I have been working in an event planning office, coordinating and planning weddings, birthday parties, anniversary parties and other events"

-------- insert head exploding emoji ---------

12 years later....

He is a Sergeant for the same city that I referenced in my project and I am on my 4th thriving year at Events By Priscilla. Little did I know that these predictions would come true. God has a way of navigating us through this crazy thing called life. We now have two beautiful little girls who keep us on our toes.

As for our marriage, Eric and I have fought in a few battlefields throughout our years together and yet, Love always seems to find the light for us. We aren't perfect and no marriage is. But the one thing that I have learned throughout this experience? It's to have faith, to be kind and to be patient with one another.

I am forever grateful for Eric's love and support when it comes to my business. He and my sister were the ones who pushed me to open it. He is my back bone, my best friend and my soul mate. The one who pushes me every day to be brave and continue pushing forward. He is our rock and I cannot thank him enough for providing us with this life that we have built together with our girls.

Fun Fact: Eric and I got married in St. Raymond Church. Same church my parents got married at.

And we had our reception inside the indoor basketball courts at St. Timothy. The very same place we saw each other for the first time....

So what's my point to writing this as my first blog?

As Cinderella would say:

"A dream is a wish your heart makes When you're fast asleep In dreams you will lose your heartaches Whatever you wish for, you keep

Have faith in your dreams and someday Your rainbow will come smiling through No matter how your heart is grieving If you keep on believing The dream that you wish will come true"

Don't ever let go of your dreams. Write them down, create a vision board, say a little prayer, work hard and take action.

You never know what can come from doing these things. Whether it be landing your dream job, meeting your life-long-partner, having a baby or maybe something as small as getting your first blog post up and out to share with the world! Only you can make it happen.

Trivia Question- Can you guess why these bleachers are so significant to us that we had to take a picture in front of them on our wedding day?

Wedding Photos: Simply Captivating

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